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Kipu Marketplace

Welcome to the new age of interoperability with Kipu Marketplace

Interoperability between systems is key to optimize workflows, reduce redundancies, and improve overall operations of a business. We make it easy to take the Kipu products you love and have them work with other systems you need to use—like hospital and laboratory systems, or most other third-party software.  

The need to create an effective technology ecosystem is what drove us to create Kipu’s marketplace.

We combined our industry-leading behavioral healthcare IT track record with a new era of healthcare integrations. As a result, we created an integration platform that provides ease-of-use, visibility, and openness. Here, you’ll learn about our certified partner program, integration types, in addition to our ever-expanding list of available integrations. 

Agnostic to systems, formats, and communication methods—if the data stream is consistent, an integration can be established 

Data is normalized, scrubbed, and transmitted to and from Kipu products 

Increase efficiency—less work, more accuracy resulting in time savings 

"We’re excited to be a part of advancing behavioral health care by joining Kipu’s marketplace with our Continuing Care Virtual Therapy platform. Mindfuli is leading the way in finding new ways to use data to develop strong therapeutic alliances. Having everything in Kipu helps us understand what it takes to form deep relationships that lead to good outcomes. Client transformation is our North Star and we believe change should be real, durable, and measurable, but data is only useful if it helps to transform lives—a value we share with Kipu. Mindfuli’s relationship-based model begins with caregivers, providing easy access to client data makes their work easier and gives them more time for what matters."

Christof Meyer

Chief Revenue Officer at Mindfulli

Integration Types

Our team of experts has a proven record of success working with API, HL7, JSON, XML, DICCOM, FHIR, and more. Learn more about our common integration types below.

  • API integration points
  • Sandbox
  • HL7 Specifications
  • Samples
  • Survey
  • State Reporting 
  • HIE
  • X12
  • CCDA 
  • XML

Established and Upcoming Integrations

Check out our established integrations and what’s coming soon below.  

We want your voice heard; after all, it’s what drives our roadmap development in our goal to enable patients to receive better care. Simply click into an integration to provide us the importance level and explain why. 

Don't see your integration listed yet? Request it here.

Kipu Certified Partners

Our certified partners are on the frontlines working with our clients to ensure connectivity needs are met. 

Chess Health

Braided provides workflow automation to easily interface disparate technologies like your health record system, billing system, and customer relationship management system. 

Videra's platform uses automated, AI-assisted video assessments to empower providers to identify, triage, and provide care to those who need it most. Increase revenue, patient recapture, and improve outcomes, all without additional clinical resources.

Chess Health collaborates with health plans, state and local governments, other public sector organizations, and individual providers to connect care across the continuum.

Interested in becoming a Kipu Certified Partner? Take the first step here

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